A Gift Idea for a Leader in Your Life

Chris —  November 10, 2017

Give this Proverbs journal (Pass It On: A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation) as a gift and ask for it back when the recipient is through. You will both be blessed: eternally

The book of Proverbs is a gift that God has given to help us find our way through the maze of life. In a complicated world, we all need wisdom. As Tim Keller has written, Proverbs is a mini-guide for life. For examples of how Proverbs can be applied, see the links at the end of this post. 

Proverbs is designed to be a teaching tool for parents and leaders. The idea is not that we simply read Proverbs once and are done. Rather, we roll Proverbs around in our minds for decades — and then discuss it with those we influence.

We all desperately need to meditate on wisdom with wise people. We need to hear wise people comment on Proverbs in ways that are personal to us.

Some may counter, “Well, I’m not sure where to get started in studying Proverbs.”

I have a recommendation this gift-giving season!

Champ Thornton has written a new book that introduces the book of Proverbs and then guides readers through a series of questions that become a journal. From the official blurb:

In Pass It On, readers are guided through the book of Proverbs and given the opportunity to write a personalized wisdom journal with their own thoughts and stories, creating a legacy of faith for the next generation and those they love. The perfect gift book to pass down through the generations.

Here’s the gift idea:

  • Give this book to your dad and ask him to use it for months or years to come. Encourage him to jot down his thoughts and share his take. I’ve already started jotting notes in my copy . . . the question is: will anyone be able to read my writing? 
  • Or give this book to your husband to complete for your children.
  • Or give it to yourself and start making notes for those you know and love.

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