Feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated?

Chris —  December 9, 2010

Keep track of what you do today.  You might be more productive than you realize.  And, you will get more accomplished if you keep track.

As you know, feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated is not a good combination.  The last times we want to be under-motivated are when we have a lot to do.

Part of the reason that you may be discouraged is that you don’t realize how much you truly are getting done.  You may feel like you are spinning your wheels, but the reality is you are being productive.

To counter this, one of the things I have learned to do when I find myself in that place is to keep a list of what I am accomplishing on a particular day.  You don’t need to go into great detail.  Just jot down what you are doing.

The sorts of things I have jotted down today are:

  • Worked on fixing a cabinet for Jamie
  • Got dry cleaning ready to go
  • Prepared a bank deposit
  • Ordered some photos as a gift for a friend
  • Wrote this blog post

I’ll spare you all the details.  But, you get the idea. 

At the same time, because I am keeping track, I will be stoked to do more.

By the time today is over, I plan to have a long list of things checked off.  Maybe I’ll even feel underwhelmed and over-motivated.

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One response to Feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated?

  1. Good words, Chris. I am sometimes amazed at how much I have accomplished when I see it on paper. I am sure that Christmas must be the most overwhelming time of year for pastors.

    There was a season when I felt constantly overwhelmed and discouraged at the end of the day, and then I began asking the Lord to order my steps each day and to empower me to accomplish what He desired that I accomplish. It made a huge difference in how I went about my day, dealt with distractions, and felt about my accomplishments at the end of the day – content that He had indeed ordered my steps. I am in another season of not so much being overly busy, but just not able to tackle what little I do have to do. Your post today reminds me to trust God to equip and empower me for His agenda today and not mine.