Be Thankful for Your Wife on the 31st!

Chris —  May 31, 2013

Reposted from 10/31/10.

As I have mentioned several times (see here or here), it is a very good practice to read the day’s chapter of Proverbs.  It’s a good idea to do two things when you read a chapter of Proverbs:

  1. Write the month and year at the top of the chapter.  Over time, it will encourage you to cover the entire book.
  2. Write prayers in your Bible or paraphrase a Proverb.  Put it in your own words.

Today is the 31st of [May]; Why not read Proverbs 31?  If you have a godly wife like I do, then you will never read Proverbs 31 without being thankful.

I take Proverbs notes in many different Bibles.  Below is a scan of just one of them.  It makes me smile to see how many different times in reading through Proverbs 31 I have been thankful for my wife or prayed for her.  IF, and this is a big IF, If you can read my writing, notice the different ways this chapter of Proverbs has encouraged me to pray for my wife.

God will work in your marriage in wonderful ways, if you consistently read God’s Word and then pray for your spouse.

Scan of Proverbs 31 page

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