The Forgiveness Quiz Questions



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Where deep wounds between people are concerned, forgiveness can be unpacked in a moment.


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Personal happiness and joy can legitimately motivate people to live out what the Bible teaches about forgiveness.


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Most Christian pastors and counselors agree about what forgiveness is and how it should take place.


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Forgiveness occurs properly only when certain conditions are met.


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Jesus said little about how people should resolve interpersonal conflict.


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A willingness to forgive is a “test” of whether or not a person will go to heaven when he or she dies.


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Good people get to the bottom of all their disagreements.


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There are times when it is wrong to forgive.

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8 responses to The Forgiveness Quiz Questions

  1. There aren’t any red asterisks or way to answer the questions.

  2. Hi Anne. Yes, it isn’t a self-scoring quiz right now. You just have to jot down your answers and then click through to the answers.

  3. I hope it’s ok that I recreated this quiz so that people can take it by clicking on true or false and see their answers after they take the quiz.

  4. Wow, that’s great. Sure it’s okay. Thank you for doing that.

  5. Becky D’Alessio August 1, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    Good questions. I could not answer questions on line. But wrote down answers.

  6. I don’t agree with quizz number 4 because when one forgives with conditions,then the forgiveness becomes clouded by those conditions which means that even though one claims to have forgiven another,any slight mistake will trigger the grudge. There is no forgiveness with conditions. Even when you know that you did nothing wrong,you can still ask for forgiveness because of the love of God in you and teach someone about true love

  7. Thanks Gester for entering into the discussion.

    The basic question is, “Does God forgive conditionally?” The answer is “Yes.” God does not forgive those who do not put their trust in Jesus. Likewise, our forgiveness follows that pattern (Luke 17:3).

  8. Having been seriously abused as a child, I found the people around me kept saying I needed to forgive even when I confronted one of the men and he called me a liar. I searched the scriptures and came to the conclusion that I could forgive him only when he repented. However, I had to be prepared to forgive at any time. This thinking was confirmed by of all things a secular book call “Forgiveness and the freedom not to”. I didn’t agree that we had the freedom not to but it was there I came across the term “cheap forgiveness”. Later a professor at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary gave a speech on similar lines to your book. I wept with relief. Thank you for this book “Unpacking Forgiveness”

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