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One of my all time favorite comedy routines from Chicago native Bob Newhart.

It’s Not About the Nail

Chris —  June 22, 2013

For guys everywhere . . .

Some days we just need a laugh. I agree with Z that this would freak me out.

For those who survived frozen orange juice and Tang (which we were led to believe is the only thing astronauts drank).

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The Art of Pick-Pocketing

Chris —  January 8, 2013

When my family was in Paris, we were warned repeatedly about pick-pockets. Deep down, I never thought someone could extract my wallet. Now I wonder.

Fortunately, it’s not a big problem in Stillman Valley.

There is no redemptive application here. But I found it interesting just the same.

For more info, see here.
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The British accents make it all the better.

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Say what you want, but sliding in the ditch in Illinois is way safer.

For the record, both drivers walked away.