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Zac and Logan at Erie GameHere is what I am “yelling” at every sporting event – – if not verbally – – I am yelling with my heart.

Kick-off is a few hours away in Stillman Valley. My batteries are charged: literally and figuratively. I updated the firmware on my camera last night. And I reviewed football history with a coach (M.A.) over lunch at the Cardinal Cafe.

Which is to say – – I’m getting ready to click. And getting ready to cheer. I do yell occasionally. But I have never been penalized or booted from a game.

Having said that – – there are some things I don’t yell. But I am thinking them on the inside. Here’s part of the list:

  1. I love young people. I don’t yell about my love during football games. It would be awkward. But be assured that I care. That’s what motivates me. It’s why I post so many pictures. It’s what makes it fun.
  2. I love the young people on both teams. It goes without saying, but it needs to be said. While my biases are obvious, I enjoy being around all young people. I can’t tell you how many times I have scrambled to get a good picture to a player from another team, even when they score against us. It’s my small way of telling young people that our love is real. I have watched a lot of sporting events for area athletes. I’ve shot games when Stillman wasn’t playing. I check to see how Byron wrestlers do. I pull for Winnebago kids. I get excited about Oregon athletics. I love young people, not colors and uniforms.
  3. I am available. Not just me. Other pastors as well. You need to talk – – let’s talk. You know how to get in contact with me. You can be a football player or a cheerleader or a chess team member or someone who is involved in no extra-curricular activities. Pastors are gifts that local churches make available to people. We are busy gifts. We can’t do everything. But if you are facing something, then let’s get together and chat. Soon. You – – or your folks – – or your friends – – local churches are available to you.
  4. I take confidentiality very seriously. While it is true that I have a son and daughter who are still in the system, I don’t tell them personal details of ministry. I never give unqualified promises that I will never tell a soul what you say. After all, if you tell me you are going to bomb the school, then I should mention it to your folks. But it is always my goal to treat confidential matters very seriously. If you meet with me, then we can do it in a way that is private. (Though I don’t meet alone with women/ girls!) If you message me, it’s between us.
  5. Even if I am not the right person for a problem, I can help you get in touch with the right person. Many areas are outside of my expertise. But often one of the first steps is to find the right person to talk to. I can help with that.
  6. You are not alone. High school can be lonely. Life can be lonely. Lots of people feel lonely. If you feel that way, then you are not the only one. But you don’t need to be alone.
  7. You will never graduate from being loved or cared about by God’s people. High school is a short season. It’s soon over. But some things are eternal and love is one of them. So don’t go it alone. Find a good church home – – love and be loved – – we’re available to you.

Like I said – – it would be awkward to yell all that stuff aloud. It’s kind of wordy. So I’ll stick with, “One-two-three-four – – you know what those cleats are for – – stomp ’em.” But the points are above are what I am really thinking.


Robbi Cary’s new book, No Matter What, It’s A Good Day When, is out. It features Patricia Hunter’s beautiful photography.

If you are someone who struggles to find time in the day to relax and think of God’s goodness, you will enjoy this book.
I just received a copy today. Tonight we looked at it together as a family and then talked about ways we see the glory of God in Creation.

Painted buntings have long been Patricia’s poster child and her tradition continues with this book.

A Patricia Hunter picture of a male painted bunting.

No Matter What, It’s a Good Day When is a perfect book for your coffee table, family devotions, or to give as a gift.

You can find out more about the book at

Friday Favorites

Chris —  September 6, 2013

Some favorite action shots from the previous week.

Senior Zac Hare breaks the banner for a new year

Steig Theden is congratulated by teammates after scoring on a goal kick.   Eric Baker with a corner kick Leo Lenth leaves a goalie behind Signs line the street to the school

A gritty tackle A formidable soph d-line Soph Team CDB_5053 Soph Team Captains Desperate for cooks, SV is willing to elist anyone CDB_5397 Senior dance team member Sydney Gatz Cheerleaders for national anthem Staying hyrdated Jacob Hoey gets an outside block Logan Alberts breaks into the clear Frosh QB Nolan McNames CDB_5776 CDB_5771 CDB_5547 CDB_5538 Trainer Aaron removes padding from the most well wrapped cast in high school football A 7th Grader looks for the right call in volleyballSteig Theden returning to goal

See more at the Big Picture.

Weekends are for light.

Chris —  November 7, 2010

It’s been a tough few weeks that included a very difficult funeral.  This photograph from Ann Voskamp encouraged my soul and helped me as a pastor prepare for the Lord’s Day.

More amazing shots from The Big Picture.

Psalm 19:1-3!

The rest here.

More pictures here.

Vincent Van Gogh (just “Vincent” to his friends and to art appreciators who are familiar with him) established a “Studio of the South” in the town of Arles, France, in the French Riviera. He hoped for this studio to be a place where his friends could come stay, paint, collaborate, and be inspired. He painted seven “Sunflowers” paintings and hung one in each bedroom of the house. The color yellow was Vincent’s favorite, and it also symbolized friendship.

The MOMA in New York may have his “Starry Night,” and the Getty in L.A. his “Irises,” but nothing has captured the public’s imagination like his “Sunflowers” paintings.

Unlike what most people think, “Sunflowers” is not just one painting.

The rest here.

The Hubble is 20

Chris —  April 25, 2010

Psalm 8!

Amazing Hubble pictures at National Geographic.


Poland’s unprecedented tragedy

Chris —  April 12, 2010

So far as I am aware, no country in the modern era (or ever?) has  immediately lost so many leaders during peace time.  I am told that even in World War II, Poland’s loss of key leaders was not so horrific.

The Big Picture:

On the morning of Saturday, April 10th, Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and 94 other members of Poland’s government and clergy were on a flight to Russia to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre. Their airplane, a Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu-154M, crashed in apparently heavy fog, clipping an antenna and breaking apart in a forest less than a mile from the airfield, killing all passengers and crew.

Would you click through, take a look at these pictures, and pray for Poland?


Click here to see more.


The below email comes directly from Poland from someone who is close to a family in our church.

You maybe already heard of crane crush that carried top Polish officials to Katyn in Russia. According to media, it’s the biggest such drama in global history during peace time; in that crush died 96 people, including over 40 officials:

· The President and his wife

· Top representatives of the President’s cabinet, including head of National Security Office

· Top representatives of the Parlament (close to 5% of lower and upper house), including two deputies of parliament speaker

· Top representatives of Prime Minister’s office, including deputy of foreign minister

· Top representatives of other government institutions, including the head of the National Bank of Poland

· ALL senior military chiefs of Polish Army (even during II World War the army didn’t suffer such loss as yesterday), including the chief of defense and chiefs of all services

It’s a true political and military earthquake – people are even more shock that during the death of the Pope 5 years ago; since yestardy a few hundred thousand people came by the Presidential Palace in Warsaw to light a candle and pay tribune plus everyone is gathering in churches all over Poland.

Although our constitution takes into account death of top representatives and their succession, death of such many at one time is a nightmare – so far the government works; my god that on that plane was not present the prime minister (who went to Katyn two days earlier and parliament speaker – then truly we would have constitutional nightmare

the Parliament speaker is acting president as of yesterday (in Poland we don’t have vice president since we have Prime minister office) and new elections will be held by the end of June (the presidential elections where planned in October but now it has changed – the current president was planning to run again for the office but he had very little public support and no chance for re-election)

The officials were going to Russia for the 70th anniversary of the massacre of Polish military officers during II World War by Russians (they murdered over 20 thousands of them as part of the plan to eliminate Polish elite as the preparation for the occupation after the war – which ended in 1991); Russia for decades cover-up this crime blaming for it the Nazi – this anniversary was the most important so far since for the first time Russians officials (Prime Minister Putin) was present during the official ceremony. By the way, the Katyn massacre was suppressed also by the British and USA during the war and after it (the USA where afraid that telling the truth about the Soviets will break the coalition which was needed to defeat Japan – in the 1950’s there was Congress investigation which proved that Roosevelt suppressed all reports about Katyn; the same holds true for the Brits who not only suppressed the truth but also until the 1970’s where blocking Polish emigrants in Britain in building there memorial of Katyn)

The good thing (if there could be any of such drama) is that politicians from all parties united (we already had brutal presidential campaign); also, so far it shows that this drama which happened in Russia may bring Poland and Russia together.

We are leaving now to the Presidential Palace to light a candle…