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Robbi Cary’s new book, No Matter What, It’s A Good Day When, is out. It features Patricia Hunter’s beautiful photography.

If you are someone who struggles to find time in the day to relax and think of God’s goodness, you will enjoy this book.
I just received a copy today. Tonight we looked at it together as a family and then talked about ways we see the glory of God in Creation.

Painted buntings have long been Patricia’s poster child and her tradition continues with this book.

A Patricia Hunter picture of a male painted bunting.

No Matter What, It’s a Good Day When is a perfect book for your coffee table, family devotions, or to give as a gift.

You can find out more about the book at

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. I nearly froze taking the garbage out. And that means it is time to think about what books to buy for those who are readers. Here are some suggestions.

Book Recommendations for Those Thoughtfully Considering Christianity

Encounters with Jesus by Tim Keller – Highly readable and well reasoned.

Despite Doubt by Mike Wittmer – We don’t need to be afraid of our doubts. Mike Wittmer – – gifted as always – – shows how we can confidently embrace faith. (By the way, you ought to read Mike wondering if it isn’t a little over the top to give elementary kids flowers for singing “The Little Drummer Boy).”

Book Recommendations for Those Who Love to Study God’s Word

God’s Wisdom in Proverbs – I recommend this one all the time. See here.

A Book Recommendation for those (like me) Given to Introspection

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller

Books for Those who Love a Good Mystery

Anything by Charles Todd. I read everything that Todd (a mother and son) write.

My Most Recent Book

Bound Together by Chris Brauns

For Photographers

I use Adobe Lightroom to both organize my pictures and for 99% of my edits. In addition to being a wonderful tool for organization, the below before and after pics make the case for using it to edit pictures.


Of course, when I do occasionally want to get rid of power lines or make major edits, Photoshop is the preferred method! Notice: Church with power lines and church without.

DSC_0159Fall Festival parade going by church photoshopped-Edit

In terms of cameras – – and I know this gets a little pricey – – but you will be pleased with any of the following:

Nikon 7100
– I use the previous version of this camera.

Nikon D600 – If you get this camera for me for Christmas, then I will take a very nice picture of you.

Friday Favorites

Chris —  September 6, 2013

Some favorite action shots from the previous week.

Senior Zac Hare breaks the banner for a new year

Steig Theden is congratulated by teammates after scoring on a goal kick.   Eric Baker with a corner kick Leo Lenth leaves a goalie behind Signs line the street to the school

A gritty tackle A formidable soph d-line Soph Team CDB_5053 Soph Team Captains Desperate for cooks, SV is willing to elist anyone CDB_5397 Senior dance team member Sydney Gatz Cheerleaders for national anthem Staying hyrdated Jacob Hoey gets an outside block Logan Alberts breaks into the clear Frosh QB Nolan McNames CDB_5776 CDB_5771 CDB_5547 CDB_5538 Trainer Aaron removes padding from the most well wrapped cast in high school football A 7th Grader looks for the right call in volleyballSteig Theden returning to goal

Take pictures that will be priceless 20 years from now.

By all means, take action shots. Get your cameras ready for big plays.

But even as you are snapping action shots, be looking for sideline pictures of teammates and family members which will soon mean more than a picture of a touchdown. There will come a day very soon when pictures with grandparents, parents, or teammates will be favorites.

Below are some pictures I think young people will treasure in the years to come.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See the rest at The Big Picture.

If you get me a press pass to take pictures at the Olympics, I’ll be your friend and even give you a free book.

See more at the Big Picture.

The Big Picture has published an amazing gallery of Olympic pictures. I can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to do photography at the Olympics.

Click here to see the entire gallery of Olympic pictures.

See more at the Big Picture.

Some amazing shots on the Big Picture.

SVHS Pictures of the Week: Home!

Chris —  September 24, 2011

Stillman Valley’s first home game was also Homecoming . . .