Sabbatical Notes: Working at Resting

Chris —  May 31, 2017

I’m thankful for the opportunity to recharge! 

A week into my sabbatical and here is some of how I’m working at recharging:

  • Memorizing and meditating on Romans 11:33-36. I can’t believe I haven’t previously memorized.
  • Lots of Scripture review and meditation
  • Listened to Paul Tripp’s address: Parenting is Gospel Ministry. It’s excellent!
  • Reading in Orwell’s 1984Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for FreedomChurchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler’s Defeat
  • Gave a sermon at a family reunion.
  • Lots of walking at the Byron Forest Preserve — developing a friendship with the deer!
  • Listened to a sermon by Tim Keller on the incarnation. Also excellent!
  • Travelled to the GSOI (Great state of Iowa) where the children were thrilled to see me. 
  • Preparing for a graveside service for someone connected to our church family. 
  • I’ve prayed that our flock will be blessed this summer — especially by Pastor Tim Michalek’s preaching in Philippians. 




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2 responses to Sabbatical Notes: Working at Resting

  1. Oh Chris, something’s never change!!!! You are amazing. And this is why God uses you & yours so mightily!!! May you be refreshed! I’m reading a really good book by Kyle Idelman….Not A Fan…have you read it?

  2. I have not read it! Are you a fan of not a fan? Hi to Pat!