Haddon Robinson Study Retreat 2017

Chris —  May 16, 2017

I am again privileged to be part of the Haddon Robinson Study Retreat. This we are studying the Old Testament books of Hosea, Amos, and Micah under the instruction of Wheaton’s Danny Carroll.

Each year a group of pastors gather for a week of intense study Covenant Harbor Camp near Lake Geneva, WI . Our format is simple. We invite a world-class scholar to teach us on one or more books of the Bible. As we are taught on a technical level, we collaborate to envision how to preach the Scripture we are studying to our congregations.

We were inspired by Dr. Haddon Robinson to begin this retreat. Haddon is one of the most influential teachers of homiletics (preaching) in the English speaking world in the last 100 years. Most of us who are part of this retreat studied under Haddon. All share a commitment to the clear proclamation of God’s Word.

Participants are thankful for a family who underwrite part of the cost of our retreat. We are also thankful for our churches that value the opportunity for their pastors to get away from our many responsibilities for a time of intense focus on the Word.

Our group comes from all over North America. If you click through to the interactive map, you will see that we have participants who come from everywhere from Edmonton to South Carolina. Combined, we have hundreds of years of pastoral experience.

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One response to Haddon Robinson Study Retreat 2017

  1. Have a fantastic time, Chris. Say hi to my good friend, Tom.