How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Days! (10,000 with Jamie)

Chris —  December 28, 2016

As of 12/28/2016, my beautiful wife and I have been married for 10,000 days. While, I could easily list 10,000 ways I am thankful for her. Here I’ll just mention 11.

There is a web site for just about anything including calculating how many days ago something took place.

Last spring, I realized that on December 28, Jamie and I would be married 10,000 days. (I ended up using an Excel spreadsheet to project the day).

In honor of our 10,000 day anniversary, here are 11 ways I am thankful for my wife. I am thankful:

  1. The supreme defining love of Jamie’s life is Christ her Lord and not me.
  2. She extends love and forgiveness to me on the basis of grace and not what I deserve. I would, otherwise, be in deep trouble.
  3. Jamie is beautiful.
  4. Jamie is a wonderful mother to our children in many, many different ways.
  5. Jamie loves family including all of our extended family.
  6. Jamie loves people in general including the people in our church in a special way.
  7. She laughs at my jokes.
  8. Jamie works so hard.
  9. Jamie is generally a content person.
  10. Jamie likes sports and is an intense fan.
  11. Jamie makes Jubilee Jumble Cookies – – a recipe given to her by mom – – they are the greatest cookie in the history of the world.
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6 responses to How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Days! (10,000 with Jamie)

  1. Jamie is universally loved! Congrats!

  2. Truly a milestone in this day. Praying for another 10,000 that would surpass the first.

  3. What a tribute! She is a blessing.

  4. Have always loved this picture of you two!!! ♡♡♡