Should We Forgive God?

Chris —  August 16, 2016

Following my appearance on the national Moody radio program, Up for Debate, hostess Julie Roys asked me to write a guest post for her blog addressing the question, “Should We Forgive God?”

Here is how Julie introduced the post:

Today, people commonly talk about forgiving God. But, is this idea biblical? This question surfaced last Saturday on my radio show, Up For Debate, and sparked passionate dialogue. Interestingly, my guest, who maintained that forgiveness is unconditional, argued that we can forgive God. But, author and Pastor Chris Brauns, who believes forgiveness is conditional, argued emphatically that we cannot. He further asserted that the notion of forgiving God is inextricably linked with the notion that forgiveness is unconditional — something he defined as “therapeutic forgiveness.” Intrigued, I asked Pastor Brauns to follow up by writing a guest post for my blog on the topic. Graciously, he agreed —and I am so glad he did because I think his reflections are extremely helpful. Enjoy! —Julie

Read the rest here.

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One response to Should We Forgive God?

  1. The question “should we forgive God” baffles me. To my understanding God is in charge. He is the absolute authority. He has never acted unjustly is perfect in everything therefore requires no forgiveness by anyone or anything. Unlike us sinful creatures who for the most part can’t get through a day without sinning or offending in some way or another, God has no need for anyone to forgive Him for anything.
    It may sound simplistic, but think about it. We, in our natural state cant even be in the same room with a perfect God. Our very presence is offensive. It is only because of God’s son that God can look upon us because we are in the shadow of his cross.