Children Respond: When Is It Easy to Lie?

Chris —  October 14, 2015

Some time ago, I asked children to identify times when they are tempted to lie and why. The question surfaced several confessions and testimonies.

Screenshot 2015-10-14 10.12.38


Screenshot 2015-10-14 10.14.56


Screenshot 2015-10-14 10.17.58




Screenshot 2015-10-14 10.11.06



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2 responses to Children Respond: When Is It Easy to Lie?

  1. I love these tender hearts and fragile consciences! Look at the detail in the recollections and pictures! They remember. Their hearts bear testimony that their lies were wrong in the way that their memories sealed in the details. When a person is hardened toward sin, he can’t remember the details, or maybe has no recollection of any sin at all. That’s why I love their confessions. It shows a certain tenderness, rather than hardening of the heart.

  2. Thanks Shannon. Yes, I appreciated how they had thought about their motivation.