The Sermon on the Mount – Key Terms and Concepts

Chris —  January 2, 2015

Christ said his disciples are the "salt" of the world.Update: You can see how my study progressed here with a draft of sermon on the mount terms and definitions.

What did I miss?

January 25, I plan to begin a new preaching series on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Understanding key concepts is indispensable in seeing the rich beauty of the heart of Jesus’s message. So, one of the ways I prepare for series like this one is to make a glossary of terms that I make available to our people one way or another.

If you want to help, read through Matthew 5-7 and see if you can identify any terms or concepts that need to be defined not found on my list. Here is my list thus far.

What else would help you understand the Sermon on the Mount?

Working Glossary for the Sermon on the Mount

Beatitude –

Kingdom of Heaven / Kingdom of God –

Disciples / Disciple –

Fasting –

Gentiles –

Jews –

The Law –

Light –

Macarism –

Matthew’s Gospel –

Mountain / Mount –

Oath –

Pharisees –

Synagogue –

Salt –

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7 responses to The Sermon on the Mount – Key Terms and Concepts

  1. Thanks Matt. Yes, absolutely that is a great suggestion.

  2. Three new terms now included: fufill, righteousness, and inclusio!

  3. What does “blessed” really mean here?

  4. Great idea, Chris. How do you make this glossary available? Thinking I might to do something similar as I dive into Hebrews starting on Jan 18.

  5. Dan, sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I will make versions available on my web site (see and also print copies for some at church.

  6. I did something like this for Hebrews a few years ago. I’ll send you what I have.