If You’re Not Cheating, You’re Not Trying: Through the Bible in 2015

Chris —  December 16, 2014

American football judge.By the powers vested in me by . . . I hereby announce that you can start your Bible reading plan on December 16. Consider this post your license to cheat by beginning to read through the Bible now.  If you need a Bible reading schedule, try this one.

For motivation to read through the Bible in 2015, we need go no further than Psalm 19. C.S. Lewis said that he considered Psalm 19 the greatest poem in the psalter. Whether or not we agree with ranking the Psalms, one can see why Lewis was so enamored with Psalm 19. In it (Psalm 19:7-11) we are reminded that God’s Word:

  • “Revives the soul” – Feel dead inside? Read God’s Word.
  • “Makes wise the simple” – Big decisions ahead? Look to Scripture
  • “Gives joy to the heart” – Feeling melancholy with long days? Rinse your minds with the Word of God.
  • “Gives light to the eyes” – At a dark place? Let God’s truth illuminate your path.

Read through Psalm 19 – – or better yet Psalm 119 – – and purpose to read the Bible in the months to come.

But, “Alas,” you say. “I would be hard pressed to keep up with reading through the Bible in 2015.”

This is where I, Chris Brauns, ordained by Spring Creek Church in Pewaukee, WI, can be of great help. I am announcing a special blessing whereby you are allowed to start reading through the Bible as early as December 16. This is your green light to leave the starting blocks before the 2015 gun sounds: cheat.

Personally, I plan to use a schedule published by Faith Baptist Bible College (my wife’s alma mater). However, in celebration of Christians freedom, you are allowed to choose an alternative schedule. Look around on the web.

I haven’t started cheating yet. But will do so soon. If it makes you feel better, print this off and put it in your Bible to officially document that you have permission. The key is to start now. Get a jump on the new year. Take a swing at 2015 before it even makes the climb in Times Square.

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