Ask “How Long?” Instead of “Why?”

Chris —  November 6, 2014

Interacting with the problem of suffering, Christopher J.H. Wright writes:

Whereas we often ask “Why?” people in the Bible more often asked “How long?” Their tendency was not to demand that God give an explanation for the origin of evil but rather to plead with God to do something to bring about an end to evil. And that, we shall see is exactly what God has promised to do (page 27).

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3 responses to Ask “How Long?” Instead of “Why?”

  1. This is another example of why it’s important for Christians to have an understanding of the biblical storyline (creation, fall, redemption, restoration), and how biblical illiteracy creates very practical problems.

    What book was that quotation taken from?

  2. It is from The God I Don’t Understand by Wright. I meant for their to be an Amazon link to the book in this page – – but it may not have shown up.

  3. Thanks. I think my browser’s ad-blocker kept me from seeing it.