“Job is a fireball book”

Chris —  June 11, 2014

I continue to think about the family in our community who lost everything in a fire at the same time that their twelve year old’s son was broken in an accident. At the same time, I am preparing my fall preaching series at the Red Brick Church on the book of Job. You probably recall that Job is the Old Testament man who lost everything through a series of tragedies. In preparing today I read this quote from a new commentary by Christopher Ash on the book of Job:

Job is a fireball of a book. It is a staggeringly honest book. It is a book that knows what people actually say and think – – not just what they say publicly in church. It knows what people say behind closed doors and in whispers, and it knows what we say in our tears. It is not merely an academic book. If we listen to it carefully, it will touch us, trouble us, and unsettle us at a deep level.

I am praying, even as I prepare, that God will use this series to encourage many who hurt, or will hurt.

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