A News Interview With David Platt Regarding Heaven is for Real

Chris —  April 23, 2014

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8 responses to A News Interview With David Platt Regarding Heaven is for Real

  1. I think his quote from john 3 is way off…what is sad is how Christians bust on each other. Burpo is just telling a story of his son’s account. He is not claiming more than what the bible claims. He spoke at one church I attend…and the pastor of another church I attend grew up with Todd. I totally trust both my pastors’ judgment. Maybe we ought to thank God for a tool to use… As opposed to bashing on fellow Christians. There is a lot more I could say…and I mean no disrespect to Chris… But I don’t think we should attack. Jesus is not talking about near death experiences in john 3… Then to say from cover to cover…what about Paul and the 3 rd heaven? Obviously we will see.people in heaven and know people in heaven…and remember the final heaven is not what heaven is now. I do agree we judge experience by scripture…but I don’t think we can always use the argument of “scripture is silent” so we don’t know all the time. There is more to.this story than just outsider opinion. But hey we complain about all the garbage in movie theaters… But when a christian tells a story..we don’t like that either…no wonder people don’t like the church. I am not necessarily all in with Burpo…but I am praising God for the conversation starter….again..I have the utmost respect.for Chris as well as brotherly love. He is a pastor to me and for that I am thankful….I just see this too much…becoming all things to all men would tick a lot of Christians off today..but Paul did whatever he could within the bounds of scripture to.reach the lost. I just think if you talked to the guy it may be different…obviously there is a hunger out there for the reality of heaven….let’s not miss this opportunity by picking apart a movie when we can use it.as a springboard…because Heaven is FOR REAL and knowing Jesus is the way to get there…

  2. Thanks for the input from my esteemed friend from Michigan . . .

    Your post seems to contradict itself — if Christians shouldn’t disagree with other Christians, then that precludes you disagreeing Platt!

    Whether or not you agree with the application of John 3, I think that there is good reason to be concerned about building our understanding about heaven from experiences, whether it is that of 4 year olds or 50 year olds. It isn’t that we don’t like the story . . .

  3. I don’t believe I said Christians shouldn’t disagree….i also did and do agree about where we get our understanding…

  4. What you said was “what is sad is how Christians bust on each other.” I paraphrased that as “disagreeing”.

  5. I wonder how it makes God The Father feel when He sees his church “leaders” persecuting the church they are supposed to be leading and more particularly a child’s experience.

  6. I am thankful for those who will stand for what the Bible clearly states-whether we like it or not! For those who are bothered by it or disagree -they need to go to the scriptures to see if it is true or not just as the Bereans did. Heaven is for real is a story and it is a good story and for those who are able to discern the truth-it is an entertaining book! It could be a window of opportunity to share with an unbeliever or a confused one though about what God says. I am bothered -not that they are making a boat load of money but why they are…like I said…this is pure entertainment not truth and when it comes to biblical truths we better not be messing it up! If the family of this story would claim this then I love that they are making big money and producing a g-rated movie.

  7. I really like and appreciate David Platt. I think anything that makes non believers think about Heaven as an actual place can be a good tool to open their mind toward salvation. I have had three supernatural experiences in my life and because of these experiences, it is easier for me to believe a story of near death experiences. I think these experiences are metaphors rather than really being in Heaven because man could not understand the actual heaven. If David Platt had experienced anything similar to mine he may see this issue differently. I did not have a near death occurrence that was the cause of my experience. I have thought of my experiences as a personal aid. For example, to know that there is an afterlife and to lesson my fear of death. Since being born again I no longer fear death at all!

  8. Your feedback makes sense. It is very thought provoking for me. I am so thankful to hear that you are a follower of Jesus!