Our Good Friday Service in Stillman Valley Was Not a Reenactment

Chris —  April 18, 2014

We were blessed with a wonderful community service tonight at the Red Brick Church. We were joined by  our brothers and sisters from Valley Evangelical Covenant and Kishwaukee Evangelical Presbyterian. We were blessed to remember the cross together.

I preached and stressed that the goal of our Good Friday Service is not to recreate what Jesus’s followers experienced when our King was crucified.

  • They were scattered – – yet we gather together.
  • They were conflicted and in turmoil. We have peace.
  • They were confused – – but, we have heard our Lord’s words on the road to Emmaus – – and we know the message of the gospel.

Still, we are solemn at our Good Friday service. Solemn because:

  • Atonement is expensive. Using Scot McKnight’s umbrella phrase – – Christ identified with us to incorporate us into community – – and it was costly.
  • It was our rebellion for which Christ was paying a price. As Luther said, “We carry about in our pockets the “nails” that crucified Christ.”
  • Christ left us an awesome example to follow (1 Peter 2:21-25). We were called to follow his example. He did not retaliate. He issued no threats. He entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly. What have we been petty about this week?
  • Untold millions are still untold. Many – – most – – -still don’t know Christ. It is ours to go out into our communities and to proclaim the gospel.

Have you said to anyone – – would you be my guest at church on Easter? I would like to sit with you and celebrate the resurrection.

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