Vining off!!!!

Marybeth —  June 4, 2013

Marybeth's pumpkins are vining offHi, it’s Marybeth.

My pumpkins are starting to vine of and take over our yard with their vines. I find it interesting how pumpkins sprout and then, start to grow (vining leaves.)

You can see in this picture that the vining leaf on two sides but, the reason I am showing this  picture to you is because I liked how the leaf was sooo much bigger than the actual plant.


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2 responses to Vining off!!!!

  1. Hey Marybeth!

    I’ve been watching the same thing with my cucumber plants. It won’t be long before they’ll be growing up a copper trellis I made. They’re a Heirloom variety for pickling which grows smaller and the seeds stay tender even when they get pretty big. They’re great fresh or pickled. You’ll be trying new and different varieties of many things as your garden experience “grows”. 🙂 Keep the new pics and posts coming!


  2. The Farmer’s Wife June 7, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    Cucumbers and squash-y sorts of plants are SO gratifying to grow because they get outrageously large in a relatively short amount of time! One day, not much going on, next day…WOW! Carrots, now, drive me NUTS because they seem to just straggle along, doing their little carrot business underground but you can’t tell it from on top where the foliage is…

    Have you had a lot of rain for your baby plants, or are you having to water a lot?

    I have lettuce called Forellenschluss, which is German for “spotted trout”. Do you grow lettuce at all?

    I’ve been waiting for a garden post, here! THANKS!