The First of Many Tomatoes and Pumpkins Are Growing!

Marybeth —  June 13, 2013

It’s Marybeth.

My mom and I were out in my garden to see how it was going. We were talking and I glanced over at my tomatoes and I immediately GASPED and almost fainted. (:  To my surprise there was little, green, cute, tomatoes. I was very happy. Then I decided to check on my pumpkins and even though you can not see them there are little pumpkin blooms.

I planted on May 12. The pumpkins came up on May 20. I noticed the pumpkins vining on June 4.

My older brother and I also are making mint brownies with my mint. The batter tastes AMAZING but… I do not know about the brownies. It called for wawl-nuts but, we decided not to use them. We also used chocolate mint instead of pepper or spear mint. Here is the link.





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3 responses to The First of Many Tomatoes and Pumpkins Are Growing!

  1. Marybeth, Congratulations on your gardening! It is so satisfying to watch a garden grow. I tried to grow a tomato plant in a pot out here in hot, dry New Mexico. The plant was coming along and I even had a tomato growing. I watched it every day and imagined the incomparable flavor of garden grown produce. Well, one morning I awoke to discover that one of those nasty tomato worms had arrived in the night and had eaten half the tomato! How did that critter get here!!! Since the tomato was already ruined I let him enjoy the rest of it and he apparently moved on to other patios!

    I have a recipe for brownies that came from my Grandmother. I’ll try to forward it to you through your Dad.

    Enjoy Creation!

  2. Mary Beth……what’s amazing to me is watching how learned you are becoming about gardening with each new post! What a nice brother you have helping with the brownies……I’d tell you to forget baking them and just eat the batter but I might get in trouble with SOMEone. 🙂 Hmmmm, think I’ll go check to see if any of my tomato flowers have turned into green balls after I take a look at your recipe!

  3. I love hearing about your garden, MaryBeth! And I agree with you… I never like mint and chocolate together–not even the batter. It reminds me of brushing my teeth after I’ve just eaten chocolate. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!