King Solomon: One of the most Sobering Stories in All of Scripture

Chris —  June 18, 2013

Dan Phillips, author of the best available introduction to Proverbs, is also preaching through Proverbs this summer. Today he has posted on King Solomon correctly observing that Solomon’s story is one of the most sobering in all of Scripture:

Having done an introduction to the introduction to Proverbs, last Sunday I began an actual introduction to Proverbs.

I skipped over the first Hebrew word of the book (“Proverbs-of”), to focus on “Solomon son of David king of Israel.” Titled The Pithy Penmen of Proverbs, my focus was the central author and overall editor, King Solomon.

As I’m sure I’ve remarked somewhere before, I find Solomon one of the most frightening, sobering men in all of history, in the company of men like King Saul, fallen pastors, and the head of the pack, Judas Iscariot.

In Solomon’s case, was there ever a man who was more advantaged and fell further . . .

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