Bound Together: A Sermon

Chris —  June 28, 2013

Last week I preached at Harmony Bible Church in the Promised Land (southeast Iowa) on the central theme of my book, Bound Together: How We are Tied to Others in Good and Bad Decisions. You can watch the sermon below.

Bound Together from Harmony Bible Church on Vimeo.

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One response to Bound Together: A Sermon

  1. This was an amazing sermon. The thing I have found remarkable is that it has become even more of an amazing sermon in my life as I have seen the need for it’s application after hearing it. Normally, a sermon strikes me when I hear it and for a few days afterwards, slowly becoming less clear in my mind. This sermon, however, has become more clear to me the longer I’m distanced from it. I suppose it is because, as you say, we have no category for corporate solidarity. Maybe this sermon is the beginning of developing that category in my mind and heart.