Books on My Desk Tonight (Including Dan Phillips’s, God’s Wisdom on Proverbs)

Chris —  May 22, 2013

God's Wisdom on Proverbs by Dan Phillips is well worth reading.If you love God’s Word, take advantage of the resources available. For instance, Dan Phillips book, God’s Wisdom in Proverbs, is a wonderful introduction to Proverbs. You can read my endorsement here.

I am preparing to preach on Proverbs over the Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Forest Springs. Tonight, I was in my study at my home with a stack of books (not necessarily related to one another) nearby . . . and it struck me that for all the particular challenges of our day, we enjoy unprecedented opportunities to study God’s Word.

When I was in seminary, there were relatively few books available on Proverbs. Derek Kidner’s pithy commentary was on the market. And there were a few others. Toy’s oft frustrating commentary was recommended by many.

But it is a new day. Twenty plus years later, there are a wealth of new resources highlighted by Bruce Waltke’s two volumes published by Eerdmans. Waltke’s commentary is technical and more than most will want to invest. For anyone who wants a wonderful introduction to Proverbs, buy Kidner’s Tyndale Old Testament commentary, along with Dan Phillips’s book, and you will be off to a great start.


ProverbsbooksThe introduction to God’s Wisdom in Proverbs, “Essentials for Understanding Proverbs,” is worth the price of the book. Phillips has a wonderful regard for the Word of God. His writing style is clear and memorable. For instance, Phillips gives this helpful definition of a proverb:

A proverb is a compressed statement of wisdom, artfully crafted to be striking, thought-provoking,, memorable, and practical.

Or this important thought:

Proverbs convey pithy points and principles, not precious particular promises.

Finally, a beautiful definition of wisdom:

Wisdom: skill for living in the fear of Yahweh


At Camp Forest Springs this weekend, two of my goals will be to encourage family campers to: (1) Read the day’s chapter of Proverbs and (2) Memorize Proverbs. Most of you can’t be at camp this weekend, but those are a couple of great ideas in any case.

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  1. Heidi Underhill May 23, 2013 at 8:48 am

    Have a great weekend!

    Those are great challenges.