The Necessity John Murray Stressed

Chris —  March 1, 2013

The writings of John Murray were much of the stimulus for my new book Bound Together. Below is one of my favorite Murray quotes.

John Murray (you can read more on Murray here) of Westminster Seminary:

But what I am going to stress is the necessity for diligent and persevering searching of the Scriptures; study whereby we shall turn and turn again the pages of Scripture; the study of prolonged thought and meditation by which our hearts and minds may become soaked with the truth of the Bible and by which the deepest springs of thought, feeling and action may be stirred and directed; the study by which the Word of God will grip us, bind us, hold us, pull us, drive us, raise up from the dunghill, bring us down from our high conceits and make us its bondservants in all of thought, life and conduct (Murray, Collected Writings Vol. 1, Banner of Truth, 3).”

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