A Literary Quiz

Chris —  March 25, 2013

Literature is part of the “great conversation” in which authors interact with central questions. If you want a wonderful introduction to literature, then I recommend Tony Reinke’s book, Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading. You can read more about Tony’s book on his web site.

The below is not a definitive list of quotes. Some of my selection had to do with what was handy on my shelves.

You can check your answers here.

Feel free to humbly brag in the comments below.

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8 responses to A Literary Quiz

  1. I have not checked my answers… yet.
    I may have missed one… possibly two, but I’m pretty confident.
    It helps that we grew up in the same household.
    I am a bit disappointed that you did not include any A.A.Milne. I can think of several bits which are worthy.

  2. James, James Morrison Morrison, Weatherby George Dupree . . .


    They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace . . .

  3. I got three of them wrong, but I think you need to check your answer key again on #7.

  4. Just making sure that people were actually checking the answers . . . You are correct in that it was incorrect!

  5. I knew several of these without the multiple choice, but like M.D. said, we have the same mother. I agree about A.A. Milne, and you might also add in some Roald Dahl.
    I believe your next quiz should have something do to with music. I remember some fun games of “guess the song”, but you might need M.D. and Russ to collaborate.

  6. You know, Survey Monkey is free *and* it scores your answers!

  7. I’ve looked into Survey Monkey . . . but it’s only free to a point if I read correctly.

  8. I was only able to answer two–not enough were on Saturday morning cartoons! Kathy got all but two right.