Jerry Bridges on Dependent Responsibility

Chris —  January 9, 2013

Jerry Bridges is one of the theologians and Bible teachers whom I most respect. In this interview with John Piper he talks about a variety of subjects.

If you have never read Jerry Bridges, watch this and consider reading the Discipline of Grace in 2012. It is a book length treatment of what Bridges calls “dependent responsibility” in this video.

Several of the themes which have most interested Bridges have also been ones I have spent a great deal of time studying. This includes his mention of union with Christ and Romans 5 (at the 10:10 mark of the video). Indeed, the idea of being represented by either Adam or Christ is the subject of my book that is coming out in March, Bound Together.

John Piper Interviews Jerry Bridges from Desiring God on Vimeo.

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3 responses to Jerry Bridges on Dependent Responsibility

  1. You mean 2013. But I should have read it in 2012. I think I read it back in 2009 or so, but I’m not sure I finished it. So obviously I need some more help with discipline.

  2. I listened to most of this and enjoyed it very much. Especially the part Piper mentioned about asking himself how he feels after practicing spiritual disciplines. Is it the good feeling of casting off guilt because he can check off his list? Or has he broken through and truly met with God? This must be what differentiates those who truly are godly from those who just appear godly.

  3. Yes – – – -it should, indeed, be 2012!