In short, you didn’t come from an embryo . . .

Chris —  December 7, 2012

In Sunday’s sermon on the birth of Benjamin in our Ways in the Manger Series, I will take a few moments to comment on abortion. In preparing, I was reminded of this quote by Scott Klusendorf in his excellent book.

Scott Klusendorf:

In short, you didn’t come from an embryo, you once were an embryo.  At no point in your prenatal development did you undergo a substantial change or change of nature.  You began as a human being and will remain so until death.  Sure, you lacked maturity at that early stage of life (as does an infant), but you were human nonetheless.  ‘Living things do not become entirely different creatures in the process of changing their form,’ writes Greg Koukl.  ‘Rather, they develop according to a certain physical pattern precisely because of the kind of being they already are.’

An estimated 40-50 million babies are aborted each year. An estimated million are aborted in the United States. Babies sometimes survive the abortion and are allowed to die. It was recently reported that 491 babies in Canada survived abortion only to be allowed to die.

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2 responses to In short, you didn’t come from an embryo . . .

  1. In my opinion, abortion is the saddest way we disappoint God.

  2. Patricia Carmichael December 8, 2012 at 5:23 am

    Thank you for giving this sermon. Kids need to hear it and so do parents. Most Churches fear these kinds of sermons and I don’t think God intended our Shepards to be timid when it comes to preaching. These kinds of sins are what is ruining our country and it’s time someone speaks up about it.