Three Small Steps Before Your Next Meeting?

Chris —  August 31, 2012

What would happen if everyone on your board or committee accomplished three modest task between now and your next meeting? How encouraged would we be if everyone could share three specific things they took the time to do? It does not have to be anything huge. Leaders know it is helps if you only carry one crumb at a time.

The Red Brick Church deacons have a meeting in five days. I am going to send them a copy of this post. How they do will between those in the group, but I wonder what sort of difference it would make if each of our deacons accomplished three small tasks in the next five days.

Here are some ideas:

Eight or nine people will be in the room for our next deacons meeting. We’re going to go around the room and see what we have to share. And I am going to count writing this post as one of my three things.

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