People Want a Pastor

Chris —  August 2, 2011

Collin Hansen summarizes an interesting conversation between Tim Keller, Michael Horton, and Matt Chandler.

As the church grows, so do the demands on church leaders. They implement new programs and recruit new volunteers to staff them. Cradle to grave, everyone has somewhere to go.

This might be the typical pattern, but is it inevitable? What are the costs of bigger and better church programs for every stage of life? What is the pastor’s role in relation to the members?

It’s popular for evangelicals to say every member is a minister. But Matt Chandler, Michael Horton, and Tim Keller discuss in this video whether that idea truly reflects Scripture and the best interests of the church. Indeed, Horton argues that the office of the ministry is in trouble. Watch the video for his explanation why along with responses from Keller and Chandler.

People Want a Pastor from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.


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