If someone has been divorced, can he or she remarry?

Chris —  August 23, 2011

RSS subscribers may need to click through to watch this video clip. This is a question I also addressed in Unpacking Forgiveness.

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3 responses to If someone has been divorced, can he or she remarry?

  1. Lori Vroom Lourens August 23, 2011 at 7:02 am

    Amen Chris! The world is of the mindset that it “just didn’t work out”. God wants what is best for us. But he is the God of second chances. He has so blessed me in my second marriage. We prayed about our relationship and sought guidance in Christian counseling. Thanks for staying biblical, honest and compassionate!

  2. Great job. I don’t think I heard the amputation analogy before–really great picture there. I have a friend who tells how she was planning to divorce her husband, just because the marriage was ‘tired’. She was planning to say to him, “We’re both on different carreer paths. We don’t own a house, have kids, or even share similar interests. We’ve outgrown this marriage. Let’s just call it a day.” But then God intervened, saved them both, and today they are happily married, they have five children, she is a stay at home mom, and he is the elder over chidlren’s ministry at their church. Look what God can do with a ‘tired’ marriage!

  3. Shannon – – that is such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it.