God’s Wisdom in Proverbs available for Pre-Order

Chris —  August 2, 2011

Dan Phillips excellent book on Proverbs is now available for a 50% pre-order discount.

One of the greatest blessings of my life has been the book of Proverbs. Decades ago I heard someone give the challenge to read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds with the date. For instance, today is August 2, so today I read Proverbs 2.

When I first began to study Proverbs, there were not a lot of quality commentaries available. That has since changed, most notably with Bruce Waltke’s two volume masterpiece. However, there has continued to be a dearth of books that provide a quality introduction to Proverbs.  Now that is changing with Dan Phillips forthcoming book.

Here’s the endorsement I wrote:

Though many know that the wisdom diamonds of Proverbs are worth more than the Crown Jewels, they feel unprepared to study this rich section of Scripture.  Now, Daniel Phillips has given us a resource that shows us how to mine Proverbs in order to build up a rich storehouse of wisdom.  Indeed, Phillips puts the wisdom jewels of Proverbs on display.  Building on decades of study, and with meticulous attention to the biblical text and theological scholarship, God’s Wisdom in Proverbs deserves a place on the shelf of every student of the Word of God.


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