A Favorite Book of Fiction Free on Audio Books

Chris —  August 2, 2011

For a limited time, Christian Audio Books is offering a free download of Hannah Culter. For those who love community, or have watched the decline of small towns, this is must reading (or listening).

For more on why you ought to listen to this book see Take a Rest in Port William Fiction With Wendell Berry.

Update: Dr. Russell Moore posts why you should read Hannah Coulter.

HT: Collin Hansen

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2 responses to A Favorite Book of Fiction Free on Audio Books

  1. I saw that freebie earlier today and had been thinking that you’d be the guy to ask if that particular novel was the one to start with. I’ve read a couple of Berry’s non-fiction titles (The Unsettling of America, What Are People For?) but none of his non-fiction. I’m looking forward to listening to this on our next road trip.

  2. I would also strongly recommend Jayber Crow. For those in a small town, it is highly interesting.