Mark Driscoll on a strategic mistake for Mars Hill

Chris —  November 16, 2010

Mark Driscoll talks about a mistake they made at his church, and in so doing offers a timely challenge for the Red Brick Church.

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6 responses to Mark Driscoll on a strategic mistake for Mars Hill

  1. I was in Seattle over the summer and had the chance to hear Pastor Mark preach. God is doing AMAZING things through the ministry. The community group model they are using is terrific. They invited me to participate but I simply couldn’t make it work with other commitments I had.

    I’m curious to hear about what you’re thinking about at Red Brick Church.

  2. Chris, I don’t have a lot of specific ideas. But, I know that our church needs to grow in having community groups of one sort or another.

    As you know, there is an inextricable relationship between three things: (1) Christian Education (2) Care for the flock (3) Assimilating people into the life of the church. If any one of the three are done well, then it improves the other two.

    So, I am praying that God will give our people a vision for sharing life together (fellowship) in community groups of one sort or another.

  3. Here’s more information on how they do it:

    And here’s a link to the questions they use in the group:

    At Calvary we do have some sermon-driven small groups, but not to the extent that they have done it at Mars Hill.

  4. Gotta check out Larry Osborne’s “Sticky Church” for a great sermon-text based small group model. We’ve adapted that model and been doing them for two years with about 70% involvement. It’s been great – we get a combo of real-life application, care, service, prayer, accountability, and leadership development.

    This model works best if you don’t have 15 other programs competing against it. We have very few other “programs” in the church, so it works very well for us.

  5. The Sticky Church thing is good. The guys at Grace Fellowship in Florence, KY are doing some of the best stuff I’ve seen and it’s not ‘canned.’ They’ve got 70-80% involved and it really ‘defines’ them as a body.

  6. Okay, I’m on the Sticky Church deal. Ordering it now.