Al Mohler: The end of men? A hard look at the future

Chris —  July 11, 2010

Mohler interacts with an Atlantic Journal cover story which seeks to demonstrate among other things that boys are not as motivated to get an education as girls.

I quizzed my teenage son and daughter about whether girls are more motivated and they both believe this is the case. 


The failure of boys to strive for educational attainment is a sign of looming disaster. Almost anyone who works with youth and young adults will tell you that, as a rule, boys are simply not growing up as fast as girls. This means that their transition to manhood is stunted, delayed, and often incomplete. Meanwhile, the women are moving on.

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One response to Al Mohler: The end of men? A hard look at the future

  1. That is a sad thought! Wonder if that has something to do with the fact that many young girls today are being raised by single moms and are realizing they may end up being the sole breadwinner.
    PS: Enjoyed the beautiful pictures that you posted yesterday!
    What amazing sights your family saw and how cool it was to see the affection shared, especially with your teens.
    Blessings ~