"The sexual relationship is a good barometer for every couple"

Chris —  June 28, 2010

 What Did You Expect?: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage:

The sexual relationship is a good barometer for every couple.  The character and quality of the marriage relationship will determine the character and quality of their sexual union.  You don’t leave disappointment and division at the bedside.  You don’t escape misunderstanding and hurt simply because you are in another’s arms.  Because, in this most intimate of human relationships, you are actually physically disrobed and in the arms of another to whom you are offering your physical self, most if not all of the layers of self-protection are gone.  You are in a place of exposure and vulnerability.  This is what makes the sexual relationship so beautiful.  You can be exposed and vulnerable in the arms of your lover and be unafraid, because you know he or she will care for you, and you know that the results will be mutual satisfaction.

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2 responses to "The sexual relationship is a good barometer for every couple"

  1. WOW! That was what I thought was happening in my marriage but i found out that my husband is addicted to lying, sex, and marijuana 23 years later. I struggle to forgive him for the 10 year relationship he had with a woman at church. I fight to just love him as my enemy for the 4-6 women he had sex with at his job. In all this, he has never confessed. My husband was so committed to deception that he would tell me the check in my spirit I felt was the devil trying to break us apart. I had no physical evidence and i was encouraged to believe him by my deceived church leadership. God began exposing him in 2002. He was so sorry, so remorseful but unrepentant. He went through that entire restoration process while involved with his long term strange woman. I really don’t know how to precess using our sex life, which I thought was pretty good, as a barometer for my marriage. I would appreciate any encouragement or admonishment you could offer on what forgiveness should look like in my marriage. I am reading your book and it has helped. My husband refuses to truly repent although he is deeply “Sorry” and “Remorseful”. Where does leave me and forgiveness if forgiveness should result in restored relationship?

    Hurt Christian

  2. Dear Hurt Christian, I am away from home right now so I am limited in how much I can write. Be sure that you read the question and answers section at the end of my book. There is a question and answer about marriage and divorce.

    Above all, be sure that you have a good church home that is centered on Christ and His Word.