Meet Jerry Lewis (a different one): an ordinary hero

Chris —  March 17, 2010

An ordinary hero is a person who quietly (pastors don’t qualify) and faithfully serves.  These are people we should honor.  Do you know any ordinary heroes?  Send them to me at chris [at]

This ordinary hero was in the church where my wife grew up in Algona, IA, and he was never a partner with Dean Martin.  Nita writes:

A person that was very special in my life was Jerry Lewis a man in my home church in Algona,  Jerry was always an encouragement and a happy and positive person.  He and his wife Ruth were always concerned about your spiritual condition and would ask how they could pray for you.  Whenever you would go to church you would always see Jerry and Ruth there towards the front of the church encouraging others.  A Sunday never went by without Jerry giving me a hug and saying "how are you sugar".  You could tell that he loved the Lord.  I pray that I may be the type of encouragement to a young person in my church!!  Praise the Lord for faithful servants of the Lord.  As I write this I am crying with such thankfulness to the Lord for putting Jerry and Ruth Lewis in my life.  Because of their influence I am a different person. 

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3 responses to Meet Jerry Lewis (a different one): an ordinary hero

  1. One of the great things I’ve noticed about this ordinary hero series is how, through their godly example, these heroes inspire us to do the same to people in our particular sphere of influence.

  2. Helen Limbaugh March 17, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Jerry Lewis was indeed as the article described in your March 17th posting. He had a very dedicated wife named Ruth. Anyone that knew Ruth knew that at 9:30 AM she was having her morning devotions and did not answer the phone. Any other time of the day she loved talking about things of the Lord. Jerry and Ruth wanted more than anything else to reflect Christ’s teaching in their lives. I, or my family, would not be as we are today without these prayer warriors and mentors of the word beginning March 1952. I am Nita’s Mom.

  3. But, Helen, your real claim to fame is being the mother of a spectacularly pretty lady who lives in Illinois.