Psalms, too

Chris —  February 1, 2010

Along with reading the day’s chapter of Proverbs (today is the 1st so you’re reading Proverbs 1), it is a good discipline to read the day’s chapter of Psalms (and every 30th chapter after that.  So, today you read Psalms 1, 31, 61, 91, 121.

If you’re not up to 5 Psalms, at least read the 1st chapter.  There are two kinds of people in this Psalm.

  1. What distinguishes the blessed person from the wicked?
  2. Which are you going to be?

For more on Psalm 1, read There is No Third.

Whenever you read a chapter of Psalms, write the date in small letters at the top of the chapter.  This will allow you to track which Psalms you have meditated on the most.

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2 responses to Psalms, too

  1. I WAS somewhat surprized that these all had the same theme. It was really a neet way of getting the message. If you follow the christian way and live buy Christ’s standards, ,you will have a happy life. Psalm 121 was the best of the group in my mind. My wife and I have tried to be this kind of people but of course, we frequently fall short. Thanks for the challenge. Dick J

  2. Dick, so great to hear from you. Those are great thoughts.