Only OHIO residents are good stewards of their time

Chris —  January 18, 2010

The O.H.I.O.* principle has been very helpful to me in time management.

OHIO stands for:





In a time management seminar, I learned:

  • When going through my mail, sit next to the trash can.  Immediately pitch extra mail. Only handle it once.
  • Schedule bills to be paid and record them appropriately.  I find online banking to be a great time saver.  Keep other material only if you can put it in a place where it will be later accessed.
  • Develop a good filing system so that when important information like tax documents arrive, you can immediately put them in the right place.
  • Avoid the basket full of assorted papers in which bills can be too easily lost.  One late payment can cost a significant chunk of money.

I still haven’t arrived perfectly in OHIO, but I’m getting closer every day.  And, it is saving me a lot of time.

*A book on forgiveness notwithstanding, I’m still bitter about a Hawkeye loss at the Horseshoe in 1986, in a Christian sort of way.  So, I’m conceding nothing to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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