A Message from Outer Space

Chris —  January 5, 2010

Robert Reymond:

Hundreds of the world’s space scientists are spending vast sums from their nations’ treasuries trying to make meaningful contact with imagined rational beings living in deep space.  It is an extremely questionable undertaking for many reasons, but the insatiable thirst for a word to us from another world drives them on in a pursuit that has to date yielded nothing.

The Christian church believes that it already possesses such a word from “outer space,” or, more accurately, a word form beyond space, even from the Triune God of heaven himself. . .

The conviction that the Holy Spirit is the primary author of Scripture entails yet another conviction, namely, that the Spirit’s superintending influence upon the minds of the Bible writers insured that they would write precisely what God wanted them to.  So, since the God of truth by the Spirit of truth inspired the Bible writers to write what he wanted them to write, the final effects was an inerrant autograph or original.  And if we fail to recognize within the Scriptures our Master’s voice speaking his infallible truth to us from his world to our world, we destroy ourselves not only epistemically but also personally, for we abandon the only foundation for the certainty of knowledge and the only “meaning base” by which we may truly know the One infinite, personal God and thereby ourselves as persons of dignity and worth.

Reymond’s is a systematic theology worth owning.

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