The Bible is a Missionary Book

Chris —  August 25, 2009

Dr. Paul Beals:

The Pauline model for missions does not stand alone on the horizon like a silo raising out of an Iowa prairie.  It is an integral part of the biblical panorama in which the triune God reveals Himself as missionary God.  He pleads “Come” in the Old Testament.  He commands “Go” in the New Testament . . .

The Bible is a missionary book.  Scripture in its entirety declares God’s purpose of making His person and work known throughout humankind by His people – – Israel in the Old Testament and the church in the New. (A People for His Name, 23).

Iowa farm kids like me appreciate the imagery of the opening line.  But, far more than that, I am thankful that I had a professor like Dr. Beals who taught me that the whole Bible is a missionary book.

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