If You’re Considering a Kindle, Take the Kindle Quiz

Chris —  June 21, 2009

I have had a Kindle since March 11.  Since, then I’ve been analyzing whether or not I would recommend it.  If you would like the current distillation of my thinking, then . . .

Take the Kindle Quiz.

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5 responses to If You’re Considering a Kindle, Take the Kindle Quiz

  1. 24. I’ve never seriously considered the Kindle…this merely confirms it. I think the main thing for me is fiction: I just don’t read fiction. If I did, I’d get one in a minute.

  2. 24. I think you may want to add a question about reading PDFs. I have lots of articles and books on PDFs that I read, so it’s been really helpful for me. Even though I scored low, I’m enjoying the Kindle experience…a lot.

  3. Meeky — That is a very good point – – I may revise it. Do you read mostly fiction or non-fiction? What do you like best about your Kindle? If you have other suggestions for revision, I would like to hear.

  4. Meeky — another question – – do you use a light with your Kindle? Would you agree that just a little better light is needed to read a Kindle than a normal book?

  5. Hi Chris – In the past, I’ve read non-fiction; lots of theology. The reason why I got one was that I’m in a program and we are going to read about 30 books this year, half the books were available for Kindle. I added up my cost and in the long run it was cost beneficial for me to get one rather than another 30 books in my house.

    With the Kindle I’m reading Jane Austen and other classics that otherwise I would have left on the shelf. So for me, the Kindle has been really fun.

    What I like most about my Kindle is that my reading has a relaxing flow, yet I’m alert and still retaining the information I’ve learned. I’ve had it for a month and conduct ad hoc demonstrations at work…

    I use the Mighty Bright light XtraFlex2 LED Light and it’s been helpful.

    I haven’t read blogs, newspapers or magazines on it yet.
    Yes, the device is pricey, but one must really consider that you don’t have to pay for reoccurring costs like a cell phone. But if you don’t read, don’t buy it. If I think of any other considerations, I’ll let you know.