Favorite Bloggers Respond: What Bible Characters Would You Like to Go Out for Dinner With? And, Where Would We Eat in Your Area?

Chris —  June 11, 2009

Okay – let me defend a weird question with three points:

  • First, I am pointing you to my favorite blogs.  If you do nothing else, just click through to the bloggers below.  You can subscribe with a feed reader.
  • Second, this is your chance to learn great places to eat from Grand Ledge to Grand Cayman.
  • Third, and most important.  I think there is profit in having your mind sweep across the chapters of Scripture and consider who you would like to ask to have dinner with.  You will benefit from reading these answers.  They’re concise and humorous, but I think serious too.  Take Thabite’s answer which begins the list – – can you imagine going out to eat with Mary and Joseph?   What would you ask them?

Who would you choose?  What restaurant?


Thabite Anyabwile of Pure Church.  A pastor who thinks theologically about vitally important issues like race and leadership.  It is worth going by his blog just to read the one paragraph summary he has in, “about me.”

We would go to Cayman’s Lighthouse Restaurant, with its wonderful view of the ocean and crashing waves.  Plus, it’s my wife’s favorite restaurant for desserts.  I’d invite Nabal and Abigail.  My wife would love the time with Abigail, learning how to care for a foolish man.  And perhaps we could have some influence on Nabal before it was too late.  Since we can’t invite Jesus, I’d have to go with Mary and Joseph.  They’d have the most fascinating stories!

Darryl Dash of www.DashHouse.com : Darryl is a pastor and shepherd.  He thinks like a pastor.  But, he is also a theologian.  I’ve ordered books because of him.  I chose to have my site hosted by Fused Network per his recommendation.  You will profit from his blog.

Canoe in downtown Toronto. The food and the view are amazing! http://www.oliverbonacini.com/canoemovie.html

Let me pick one from the Old Testament and one from the New. David would be a fascinating dinner guest and may be good for a song or two. The Apostle Paul may be able to answer many of my questions and sort out this New Perspective thing. I would like to see what John the Baptist chooses to order from the menu, though.

Kevin DeYoung of DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed – Again, (you’ll see a pattern) here, Kevin is a pastor who thinks well theologically.  Along with this, he is willing to stand for the truth.  See, for instance, today’s post on 2112 Antietam’s.  Start with the book he wrote with Ted Kluck, Why We’re Not Emergent by Two Guys Who Ought to Be, or Just Do Something.  Either would be great summer reading.  Just Do Something would be a nice gift for recent graduates.

First off, we are going to DeLuca’s on Willow Hwy (Blog Editor’s Note: Jamie and I have inhaled DeLuca’s delicious pizza many times).  The pizza is great and the ambience is, well, dark.  Plus the scrap metal yard next door makes for interesting small talk.  My wife doesn’t like DeLuca’s as much as I do, but we’ve been to Cracker Barrel three times in the past three = months, so it’s my turn.

I’d invite Noah and his wife.  I bet they’d have some stories to tell.  What was it like building the boat all those years?  How did it work with all those animals?  I wonder what he would think about all our cute = Noah’s Ark story books.  Then I’d invite Barnabas.  He sounds like a fun = guy, and as we all know, a good encourager.  I sort of picture him like C.J. Mahaney, minus the athletic prowess.  And I’d love to get Barnabas’ side of the little rift with Paul.

Lig Duncan – First Pres in Jackson – Though I don’t  know Lig well, he took the time to read my book, Unpacking Forgiveness, and graciously wrote an endorsement.  I’ve been able to listen to him preach, and read his thoughts, and I believe that he truly is “Together for the Gospel”: “Together” in the sense that he has a true heart for the Body of Christ, and together in that he has it “together.”

1. Pan-Asia, the best Asian Fusion cuisine in the southern U.S. Grant Nooe, the owner, is a culinary genius. Puts national chains to shame.

2. Paul and Moses will be joining us. And forget casual conversation. They don’t do casual conversation. But in 45 minutes, we will bring theological unity to the entire reformed and evangelical world.

Andrew Ford of Triangular Christianity.  Where I haven’t spent a bunch of time personally with Lig, I just sweated profusely in Africa with Andrew Ford.  We almost died in a back alley mud puddle in Lome.  As the blog name implies, there are three sides to this blog.  Andrew is a pastor who loves missions in general and Togo in particular.

This took longer than 5 minutes.  (Blogging Editor’s Note: Unnecessary complaining)

I’d like us to go out to Cuginos (of downtown Grand Ledge) because they have the best Calzones in the Lansing area.

I would enjoy having dinner with Job because it seems as though he would have so much to say about life and perseverance and God.  I think we would talk about God’s work and grace in his life.

I would also like to invite Priscilla and Aquilla.  They just seem like a nice couple who have their priorities straight and love to invest in the Kingdom.  A bonus is that they lived in Italy for a while and they would enjoy a good Calzone.  I might even bring my Rick Steves book on travel in Italy and a few pictures of the Cinque Terra.

If I were to invite others it would be Lazarus and his sisters, or any one who interacted with Jesus after the resurrection.

Gunny Hartmann of Semper Reformanda knows how to tie a bow tie and posts a wonderful combination of miscellaneous links and pastoral insights.  Has a wacky sense of humor and is understandably an A&M fan given that he lives where the stars at night are big and bright.  But he also has an inexplicable allegiance to the (Philistine) Lakers.

It is good bull, sir. (Blogging Editor’s Note: When Gunny says something is “good bull” this is to be taken as a compliment.  You will need to know this if you read his blog).

I would take you to El Paso, Plano’s Tex-Mex restaurant. I’m friends with the owner and my preferred waiter would take care of us well. Among other things, the fajitas are very nice, but the chips & salsa are my favorite in the Dallas area.

With us would be Enoch, who walked with God (Gen 5:22-24). I’d like to hear about his daily quiet times of personal devotion to pick up some tips. Also at the table would be Moses, he who saw God’s glory (Ex
33:18-23) and he had God stick up for him as a friend (Num 12). I’d like some lessons on humility in light of his awesomeness.

Patricia Hunter of Pollywog Creek – The best endorsement of all: my wife likes her.  Best pictures on the Internet and quite possibly the sweetest blogger in Bloggerdom.  Most famous (in my world) for her painted bunting pictures.

There are no restaurants within an hour of our rural town that either qualify as a favorite or are worthy of such esteemed company, but my husband and I would be thrilled if y’all want to meet at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City or St. Augustine for an evening of the finest Spanish-Cuban cuisine. If that doesn’t work, then let’s go casual: Sonny’s Barbecue in Ft. Myers, and coffee and pie at Flora and Ella’s on our way back to Pollywog Creek, where we can continue to engage our guests in conversation for hours around a cozy fire on a cool starlit night.

Miriam can bring her brother Moses (and her tambourine) if she desires, but the woman was a participant in some serious drama, and I can’t wait to hear her perspective on everything from hiding baby Moses in the bulrushes to the parting of the Red Sea and the desert wanderings. Let’s invite Peter and his wife, too. He and my husband would get along great.

Brian McLaughlin of Triangular Christianity needs to be read more.  He has written insightful posts about the emergent church movement and also about the New Perspective on Paul.  When I need to get someone’s opinion theologically, or try and understand something, I call McLaughlin.  He occasionally answers phone calls and has great insights.  Unfortunately, he is an Ohio State Fan but sanctification is a process.

Moses and Paul to Outback Steakhouse (Blogging Editor’s Note: This is a weak choice.  I like Outback, but must we resort to chains?).  It would be fun to listen to their stories and ask some questions along the way.  I’d probably give Moses a copy of Galatians to see what he thinks.  I think the dynamics would be good, though both can get a little testy…

Andy Naselli – Thoughts on Exegetical, Biblical, Historical, Systematic, and Practical Theology – Gets the coveted “A Brick in the Valley Internet Service Award” – – which I just this minute invented – – He receives the award for having helped give us all better access to D.A. Carson’s works (here).  Besides, he understands the aorist tense, see for instance, this post on a Nooma Blooper.  Subscribe.  Learn.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House (more realistically: Chipotle) (Blogging Editor’s Note: I’ll buy for Ruth’s).

Job and Isaiah: I’m currently writing a dissertation on how Paul quotes Job and Isaiah at the end of Romans 11, and I have all sorts of questions for those two men!

Dan Phillips of Biblical Christianity and Pyromaniacs – I think there is a subtle temptation to jump on one bandwagon or another with the whole blogging thing.  Perhaps, sometimes we bloggers choose a particular current, and then swim with the stream within that current.  Our friends over at Pyromaniacs, however, have never been accused of this.  They think for themselves.  They affirm when affirmation is due.  Conversely, build a fire when they believe it is warranted.  I subscribe. 

I’d say we go to Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus. Reasonable for a pastor/author’s salary, but pleasant,secluded booths; high walls. Nice for a quiet conversation. And steaks, lamb, prime rib — yum.
It’d be interesting to ask Paul and the author of Hebrews, and see if only one chariot arrives… or, if not, whether Apollos walks or rides. But I’d say Paul, and… Solomon. If they could bring buddy dates, I’d ask for Moses and Isaiah.

Blogging Editor’s Note: IMHO there is a very, very small (infinitesimal) chance Paul wrote Hebrews.  But, I agree that Apollos is a good guess.

Shannon Popkin – Tiny Paragraphs – Shannon thinks deeply and theologically about being a wife and mother of young children.  She is also a great story teller.  She is not to be trusted anywhere near an archery range.

Charlie’s Crab, which overlooks the river, has white linen tablecloths, and great fish–hopefully John will think so, too.  I’m inviting John because he can answer more of my questions about Heaven than anybody.  (Maybe we can get some updated similes regarding what he saw.)  I’d also like to have Miriam at the table.  I imagine she is a great storyteller, and I want to hear about babysitting in the bulrushes and dancing on the receded Red Sea’s bank.  Plus, I’d like to pick her brain on family dynamics, the fear of the Lord, and women in leadership. 

Owen Strachan – Offers some thinking on issues like this post on sacrificing children to sports.  Owen keeps his finger on the pulse of a wide range of web resources. 

I’ll go with Froggy’s in Highwood as the place to eat.  I’ll take my wife.

I would love to meet Samson, because he’s got the whole tragic hero thing going on.  I think Ezekiel would be a pretty interesting guy to talk with.  He saw some strange stuff.]

Derek Thomas of Reformation 21 uses words like banjaxed.  I’ve been blessed recently listen to some of Derek’s preaching online.

Well, if you’re paying then it has to be Shapley’s (http://www.shapleys.ms). And as for guests, I would love to meet Maher-Shalalhashbaz (Isaiah’s son), partly because it would be cool to meet someone with that name and see how many people simply call him, “Baz.”.  The other person is the unnamed member of the duo that walked the Emmaus Road, partly to see if I’m correct in thinking that she is a woman since she said nothing! Now, what kind of women say nothing, I can hear you ask, but we won’t go there

Mike Wittmer is the author of Heaven is a Place on Earth and Don’t Stop Believing.  I expect his next book to be about the expansion of the Gospel in Asia with the title, China Grove.  I read his stuff.  Books. Blog.  Tragically, Wittmer is a fan of Cleveland sports franchises. 

I would eat at an Asian restaurant, preferably Indian, but last week I found that my favorite Indian restaurant in town is now a pub, so our Bible characters could go but not me.  I would invite Moses and Peter, since they had front row seats for God’s two great redemptive events and both were impulsive enough that they would probably share openly, especially if I can get a waiver to take them to the pub.

Z is for Zach Nielsen of Vitamin Z  – Has the great blogging advantage of being of Iowa descent  – Prolific.  Worthwhile links that you won’t see other places.  Z has a heart for adoption and after Russell Moore’s incredibly good book, Adopted for Life, this subject is on my mind.  Besides all that, I think I have more links to Vitamin Z in my “stupid stuff” category than any other blog. This includes my all time favorite, “Ken Lee.”  If you haven’t watched Ken Lee, please, please, please watch it.  Or, see this one which Z cites as one of the little blessings he enjoys from the Internet.

1.  I would like to eat at Scalo in Albuquerque.  The have a great jazz combo on Friday nights as well as a great wine list and delicious italian food.  

2.  Who would come along…  hmmmmmmm.  Jonah for sure.  The world’s worst evangelist.  What an interesting dude.  Belly of a fish?  That would be a wild tale.  I’m sure he wouldn’t eat seafood anymore so going to an Italian restaurant would probably be appropriate.    I would also like to invite Noah.  How in the world did everything work on that boat for 40 days and how did they get all the animals rounded up?  That would be an interesting tale as well I’m sure.

Amy Scott of Amy’s Humble Musings – I am a farm kid.  Grew up 8 miles from a town of a thousand people  Reading about the Scott family farm experience is refreshing for me, especially given her great pictures.  She is a wonderful writer and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  This post is one of my favorites.

. . . I was going to be snarky and say "the writer of Hebrews" so we could see who it was, but I see Dan beat me to it. If my husband had a vote, he says that he’d like Sarah to come and have some influence on me. He likes the part where she calls her husband, "lord." 😉

We’d eat Indian, just because that’s the best food there is.

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11 responses to Favorite Bloggers Respond: What Bible Characters Would You Like to Go Out for Dinner With? And, Where Would We Eat in Your Area?

  1. Cool…but you didn’t like my restaurant choice! Don’t you want to go to Canoe? You’d like the view!

  2. Oops. I messed up. I put it in Darryl.

  3. Oops! Sorry I’m late. I was going to be snarky and say “the writer of Hebrews” so we could see who it was, but I see Dan beat me to it. If my husband had a vote, he says that he’d like Sarah to come and have some influence on me. He likes the part where she calls her husband, “lord.” 😉

    We’d eat Indian, just because that’s the best food there is.

  4. Amy – – my blog posts are always a work in process. I’m hoping at least one person clicks through to the 911 post.

  5. This post is SERIOUSLY making me hungry! 😉

  6. This was such a fun post — partly to see who your favorite bloggers are, but mostly to see why they’d like to join Bible characters for a meal. Gave me some good food for thought 🙂

  7. This was fun, Chris. Thanks so much for your most kind words. It is humbling to be listed with such a fantastic group of witty and intelligent bloggers. I thought it was funny that Shannon and I both chose Miriam – and for many of the same reasons.

  8. Shannon Popkin June 13, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    Chris, Ditto what Patricia said! Patricia, Once we get to heaven, I’m planning to arrange a lunch date for you, Miriam, and me! I’m pencilling you two in!

  9. Jinx Newhausen June 14, 2009 at 2:02 am

    If you’d really like to know….

    The two I’d like to have dinner with are Mary Magdelene, probably spelled that wrong, and Jesus. Mary, because she knows what it is like to be looked down on by everyone and yet not be judged when it really counts. That sometimes, where you have been and what you’ve done, isn’t you who you are today.

    Jesus. There would be no pretense, no hypocryticalness. He would just want you to be you. I also think he would really care about you and what you may be going through. People today, even those who you thought were friends don’t care, they don’t even ask.

    Where? my home for both. They would be two that wouldn’t be there to look around, see if my house was good enough, clean enough, or if things matched. They’d be there for the food, and fellowship. Not a lot of that these days.

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