Unpacking Forgiveness: Prayer, Winners, and Links

Chris —  October 17, 2008

Misc updates regarding Unpacking Forgivenessbut, first, I want to give you one window into what our family prayer time looks like for this book.  A few nights ago when we were praying together as a family, our five year old Mary Beth, prayed earnestly that when we get to Heaven we will meet someone who understood salvation because of this book.

We really are praying that many will be encouraged — for God’s glory and our joy.   And, if we meet someone on the New Earth that has been encouraged, that it is really going to be cool.

You can read some of the specific ways I am praying here.  I’m a pastor, so prayer for local churches is always on my heart in a particular way.


The third and fourth winners in the Forgiveness Quiz book giveaway are:

Sarah Bjornstadt of California

Robert Hansel of North Carolina


Molly Friesen mentioned Unpacking Forgiveness earlier this week on the Route 5:9 blog (click here).  Molly has some helpful links about forgiveness.  And, given that the Route 5:9 blog is connected with Peacemakers, a group that has done some great work in equipping local churches to resolve conflicts biblically, it is a blog you will want to reading often.

Since Molly posted, two things have changed.  First, I sent a book off to Montana with instructions to find Molly.  (She had not yet seen a copy).

Second, Molly also mentioned that she hadn’t see a review of Unpacking Forgiveness yet.  There is at least one new review out there, and several other blogs have mentioned it one way or another.

Read Tim Challies review here.

Daryl Dash made initial comments here followed by a two part follow-up interview (Part I and Part II).

Tullian Tchividjian referenced Unpacking Forgiveness here.

Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds posted an excerpt here.

And, there are at least three reviews now available on Amazon.

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4 responses to Unpacking Forgiveness: Prayer, Winners, and Links

  1. I thought the review by Tim Challies was great. I plan on buying a couple of books for Christmas presents(as well as reading it myself). One thing that has brightened my world tremendously, is letting go of hurts of childhood. I think sometimes you just know that someone is very sorry and repentant, by their actions toward you, and to not forgive them, only brings darkness and bitterness. I love my parents and feel them saying “I’m sorry” everyday. I do believe there are times not to forgive and just put it in God’s hands, and leave it there.

  2. I really enjoyed interviewing you, Chris! The interview will air this Sunday morning (Oct 19) at 5:30 AM on 101QFL (live stream at http://www.101qfl.com) and at 9 PM the same night on Radio 91 (live stream at http://www.radio91.com)

  3. Thanks Cindy! I will be sure and mention the radio program.

  4. Dear Chris,

    Thank you so much for writing this book. Although it will take me a while to work out the logistics of having it mailed to me in Kuwait, I look forward to reading it.

    Having lived through 1 1/2 years of spiritual abuse in a church situation, I challenged many people’s understanding of forgiveness by focusing on reconciliation. Yet, because I was involved in the situation, I was seen as part of the problem, therefore if we were not reconciled, I had not forgiven. In fact, reconciliation was seen as not part of the issue. Forgiveness must be done. Full Stop.

    I look forward to reading the book & bible side by side with your thoughts. It will be a huge blessing and help close the door to a time in our lives that left a huge impression. Sadly, reconciliation is now left difficult as we are countries apart.

    Blessings from the Arabian Gulf,