You Know You Are a Servant When . . .

Chris —  September 4, 2008

“You know you’re a servant when you don’t mind being treated like one.”  Source Unknown.

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One response to You Know You Are a Servant When . . .

  1. You know…I have been meditating on this quote ever since you posted it almost two weeks ago. Once a week for the past six months a friend and I tend to the needs of an elderly widow in our community. She lives with her adult son whose wife died in a tragic car accident about two years ago. The son had relied on his mother to clean the house, but she had major surgery in December from which she has never fully recovered. I talked my friend into helping me get this lady in and out of the shower and then my friend talked me into helping her clean the lady’s house. Over the six months that we have been doing this, the lady has gradually added more and more “requests” of us – and sometimes we have been a bit resentful of her demands on our time and energy. That quote spoke directly to my heart.

    THAT is the kind of servant I want to be – the one who doesn’t mind being treated like one.