Self-Forgetfulness (Getting off the mental gerbil wheel)

Chris —  September 1, 2008

Many find “self-forgetfulness” to be one the most of difficult aspects of “unpacking forgiveness.”  They want to move on from the wounds they have given or received.  They want to stop thinking about it.  But, the more they want to forget it, the more they continue to run on a mental gerbil wheel that goes nowhere, that requires more energy with each revolution.

Have you ever laid in bed running on a mental gerbil wheel, thinking over and over again about how you want to stop thinking about what you’re thinking about?  The harder you try, the more you go nowhere. 

I have a whole chapter in Unpacking Forgiveness entitled, “How Can I Stop Thinking About it.”

Today, Abraham Piper has given us a major hint about how we can stop thinking about it.

Self-forgetfulness is essential for holiness. But, unlike other virtues that can be pursued, I can’t attain self-forgetfulness by trying to be self-forgetful.

Read Abraham’s post here.  It’s worth going to Abraham’s blog, because he links to a sermon.

And, if you want a hint on pursuing self-forgetfulness, begin by reading aloud, with great expression, Isaiah 40:6-31.

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