Forgiveness Quiz: A Free Book for South America

Chris —  August 30, 2008

Okay, it’s time to get really serious about South America.  You will see according to the map at the right that people  from Egypt, South Africa, China, and even Scotland have participated in the Forgiveness Quiz.

(Click here to enter the Forgiveness Quiz.  Anyone who enters has a chance to win one of four free books).

I’m hearing nothing from South America.image Nil.

So, here’s the deal.  The first person in South America who participates will get a free book when Unpacking Forgiveness comes out in October.  I’ll send it off to Chile, Argentina, or whatever part of South America you find yourself in.

A couple of rules.  (1) No cheating.  This is a Christian book for crying out loud.  It doesn’t count if you’re from South Florida.  It is the actual continent of South America.  (2) Your pin has to show up on my map.  I assume that the map works.  But, the survey gizmo I am using does that part of it.

Maybe, put a note along with your e-mail address: something subtle like, “I live in South America.”

For the record, I’ve got a book for Antarctica too.  But, I need to see a picture with ice in the background.

Click here to participate in the Forgiveness Quiz.  I’ll start selecting winners in October.

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2 responses to Forgiveness Quiz: A Free Book for South America

  1. Hmm. Suppose one was to fly to South America, complete the quiz, and then fly back? Would he/she get a free book?! This is all hypothetically speaking, of course.

  2. So … I’m doing the math and I’m starting to think this isn’t the easiest nor most cost effective way to get a copy of the book.

    But, if somebody does it and wins that way, I should at least get a little mention in the acceptance speech. Amen?