First Day of School 2008

Chris —  August 19, 2008

First day of school today.  The person willing to exegete the photograph will learn much about our family.

(1)  Pretty in Pink: Allison opposes pink and all its implications on principle.  Pretty much everything Mary Beth wore is pink, from her shoes to her backpack.First Day of School 2008

(2) We support nuclear energy: If you look over Chris’ shoulder you can see the looming nuclear towers in the background.  Here in Northern Illinois, we were nuclear when nuclear wasn’t cool.

(3) It’s football season: There’s a story (perhaps apocryphal) about the Notre Dame team being at the cemetery to visit George Gipp’s grave.  On the way out of the cemetary, a few players stopped at the grave of the recently deceased basketball coach’s grave in order to pay their respects.  Knute Rockne didn’t approve.  He beckoned the players to come at once and said sternly, “It’s football season boys.”  All of which is to point out that it’s football season here.  Chris is wearing his A.J. Hawk jersey while Ben’s shirt reads, “Don’t take it personally.”  On the back it says, “Smashing you into the turf is just part of the job.”

Though we lost both football games this weekend.

(4) We live in a sparsely populated area.  You will notice that the population density is not real high here in Ogle County.

(5) I have put off sealing our deck.  While this may not be obvious to the untrained eye, I need to seal the deck.

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6 responses to First Day of School 2008

  1. Ah, the lovely nuclear power plant! I’m used to seeing it from the Swanson family farm in Stillman Valley. The sight of that ultra-modern technology is a little hard to get used to, rising above the placid rural landscape. 🙂

    Your kids are very cute!

  2. Handsome boys, beautiful girls . . .all from Jamie!
    You forgot to mention that Iowa is in the background also.
    Our kids don’t start until September 2!

  3. Thanks!

    Andrew, you just like the Packer Jersey.

  4. Did Jamie survive?

  5. It was a very emotional day.

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