And, The Quiz Goes On . . .

Chris —  August 27, 2008

If you haven’t done so already, you are invited to participate in “The Forgiveness Quiz.”  (Click here).   The map to the right shows the location of different people who have participated.  I was really excited to see pins in South Africa, Australia, and China.


Here’s the thing, the quiz is only 8 true/false question.  You have a 50:50 chance on any given questions.  Besides, you can always debate.  I plan to begin blogging about the results on Friday, October 10.

I won’t give away the results yet . . . but, there is certainly a wide range of opinions.

If you know someone in South America, please send them a link to this.  I would love see to see a few pins down there.  And, I am thankful for all of you who have helped get the word out.

Can you believe we live in a world where a pastor in a small Midwestern town can gain immediate input from people all over the globe?

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