The Principle of the Rope

Chris —  July 20, 2008

One of the things we talk about at our church is something called the principle of the rope.  The principle of the rope is that there exists an invisible link, a figurative rope if you will, between people.  Whether you realize it or not, you are strongly linked to others.  We represent others in the decisions that we make.  Our choices impact others.  We are not islands unto ourselves.

The principle of the rope can work in either a positive way or a negative way.  On the negative side, people occasionally come to a point in life where they think about jumping off a moral cliff.  They are sick and tired of doing the right thing.  So, they decide, “Hey, it is my business.  I am going to think about myself, and do whatever I want.”  They forget that there are living links between themselves and others.  And, that when they plunge into a bad decision, they pull their family and friends and others over the cliff with them.  Bad choices cause pain and suffering, not only for the one making the choice, but to people they pull down with them.

The ultimate principle of the rope is summarized in Romans 5:18-19.  The Bible tells us that when one man, Adam, chose to sin, there was an invisible link between him and all of humanity.  Adam represented us all so that now all are born into sin.

But, the Bible also tells us that just as through the disobedience the one man the many were made sinners, so also through one act of obedience, the many were made righteous.  If we believe in Jesus there is between us and Him an eternal link so that we are justified or declared righteous in Him.

I am pastor Chris Brauns from the Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley.  You are not an isolated individual.  The decisions that you make represent and affect other people.  I commend to all of you the Lord Jesus Christ.  Believe in Him so that there is a rescue line between you and the Savior.

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4 responses to The Principle of the Rope

  1. And the principle goes the other way, as well.

    For my mom’s 60th birthday, I had a ladies luncheon. 17 of her closest friends and family went around the table and shared how she had positively influenced their life. It was inspiring.

    My mom hasn’t done anything profound in life. She cared for a family of four and led a small group and worked in the nursury at church.

    The people ‘lassoed’ into Mom’s inner circle would live diminished lives if mom had struggled with major areas of sinfulness. So I think the rope goes both ways. (Eph. 4:16)

  2. It is so true. And, your mom has made a great difference.

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