Secret Prayers

Chris Brauns —  July 8, 2007

Matthew chapter 6 begins with a principle.  Jesus told the disciples to avoid doing good things for the sake of human approval.  He said, “Don’t do acts of righteousness before men to be seen by them.”  Instead, we should do our acts of righteousness “secretly,” before God alone.

One of my favorite ways to live out this principle is through what I call “secret prayers.”  For me, a secret prayer is when I pray for someone I don’t know, will likely never see again, and who has no idea that I prayed for him or her.

My prayers go something like this.  “God, I don’t know why this guy having his oil changed looks so tired.  I have no idea what is going on in his world.  Maybe he has a lot of stress at work.  But, I pray that you might bless him today.”

How about this?  Instead of getting angry at an aggressive driver, why not pray for him or her.  “Lord, I don’t know why this person is being such a jerk, but I pray that you will keep him safe and that you will bless him in some special way.”

God is pleased when we care for people we don’t even know.  And, God answers prayer.  My secret prayers are just between God and me on behalf of someone else.

I have a theory that someday when I get to Heaven I’ll be able to check out DVD’s that document how a few of my secret prayers made a difference.

What would happen if every believer in Rockford started praying 5 secret prayers a day?

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